" Imagination is the begining of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last, You create what you will " - G.B Shaw

About me

My name is Yann Simon - I am a digital artist. As a citizen of the world I am originally from France but now based in Copenhagen Denmark for the last 17 years.


I grew up in a creative family in the historical city of Versailles. In Paris I pursued my hunger for culture and art – exhibitions, cinemas, theatre, dance and opera. It was my creative nest, but in the need of exploring I put down my traveling bags in Denmark after a long trip around the world. Copenhagen revealed for me another kind of simplified aesthetics and gave my work a new dimension.


The world and the people in it are indispensible for my productions. I seek inspiration in existing artefacts, design and in the ways artists have been challenging dogmas through time. In my working process I transcribe my impressions in to my own laws in digital compositions of colours, texture, form and effects.

Experiences & Education

My experiences are, among others, working in a creative bureau in Paris, as a scenograph for Zentropa in Copenhagen, as freelance Photographer and latest as an entrepreneur in Slowmotionfactory.dk. My educational background is a BA in E-Concept and Development from the school of Design and Technologies of Copenhagen, supplied with relevant courses in Film and Tv production and Photography.

My skills

Art Direction

Graphic Design



E-Concept Development



Premiere Pro